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A proper introduction

Okay, okay. I got a little too excited to share about the odd fashion choices of my fellow yogis the other day and about the old blog post I found about people to avoid that I failed to do a proper introduction. If you’ve hopped over to the About page already, you have a glimpse of who I am and what I hope to accomplish with this site.

Most of the yoga blogging world is written by teachers, studios, and advanced practitioners, and they cover a lot of touchy-feely stuff about the emotional journey, clarity in meditation and finding your inner yogi. I found that I didn’t relate to most of what was out there, and I imagine not everyone who is interested in yoga is willing and able to jump right into a daily practice.

Additionally, most of my friends who dabble in ‘the yoga’ are pretty level-headed about the practice as well. They don’t feel pressured to attend every workshop, buy the most expensive gear and know the sutras by heart to show their love and dedication. Like me, they’re looking for ways to fit yoga into their busy lives without a ton of effort. Making it to class once a week (if that) is perfectly fine.

I came to yoga to feel better. It’s as simple as that. If I find a new level of enlightenment or can curl myself into a pretzel in the process, great. But if I’m not feeling better, then yoga’s not working.

So what can you expect to read here?

  • Posts for those who are new or just starting the practice
  • Posts to discuss class etiquette and expectations
  • Posts for doing yoga on the road
  • Posts to help you get over the hump and back on the mat
  • Posts that try to make sense of yoga terms and ideas

Hopefully, this site can be a great resource and break down some of the intimidation and cloudy barriers that stand in the way of just enjoying yoga for whatever you want it to be. Please bookmark this site, add it to your RSS feed, subscribe to email updates, like me on facebook or follow me @findingdrishti, and I’ll keep writing to help shed more light on this practice that I hope to continue for the rest of my life.

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