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Clearing through some old files on the hard drive, I came across a blog post I had written when I first started practicing ashtanga. It was more a mental note for myself.

I will remember next time to not be next to the guy who practices without a shirt on. That dude had some really funky B.O. when he started sweating. And we ALL sweat in there. Just inevitable. But for some reason, this guy’s antiperspirant just wasn’t kicking in like the rest of us.

– July 25, 2007

I’m proud to say, 5 years later, I still follow the rule of not setting up my mat next to shirtless dudes. Especially hairy shirtless dudes because you know that the sweat and funk are just going to linger as it clings to all that body hair.

I also try to avoid people who “pre-practice” before class starts. Ya know, the ones who are doing headstand while everyone else is still coming into the studio space and unrolling their mats.

I can understand doing some light stretches like downward dog, baddha konasana (cobbler pose), and spinal twists to loosen up before class, but throwing around some intense inversions seems counter productive to the way most classes build up to the hard stuff.

And while I’m at it, I try to avoid setting up across from “guy in biker shorts.” It’s just awkward in so many ways. In those unfortunate situations, I make sure to designate my drishti either slightly right or left of this guy.

I can’t be the only one who scans the room before setting down my mat, right? Who do you avoid?

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