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Yoga fashion oddities

I went to a vinyasa class today that had two of the most strangely-dressed yogis that I’ve seen to date. Mind you that I live in Austin, so “weird” isn’t to be unexpected.

I really wish I had taken photos of these people, but there really was no way to do so without looking obvious or creepy. Instead, I’ve scoured the web to find the closest things to what I witnessed.

The Hippy Hat

Source: hatsshopping.com

The room is set to 80 degrees, we’re squeezed in mat-to-mat, and we’re about to do a lot of vinyasa-ing (ie. sweating), and this petite girl comes in wearing a knit hippy hat.

I thought maybe it was just part of her outfit for the day and she would remove it for the practice. But no, it stayed on her head the entire time. It didn’t seem like she had a pile of dreads or super long hair under there to keep contained. And even if she did, there are much better ways of wearing your hair to keep it out of your face.

I can’t imagine what that hat smelled like when she took it off at home. Yoga is not a place for hats. It just isn’t.

Rocker-cowboy spandex

Source: karneval-megastore.de

Sadly, the closest thing I could find to this man’s outfit was a COSTUME inspired by ZZ Top. He had a black and red cowboy hat. Matching jacket with a bit of fringe. A shiny studded black belt that hung asymmetrically on his hips. And the kicker…

Black spandex (not leather or pleather) pants with red stars. I imagine he showed up in big cowboy boots too, but he had already removed his footwear at the studio.

If you’re wondering, he did not practice in this outfit. He stripped down to a t-shirt and some awkward shorts, but it was a pretty crazy sight to begin with. I would’ve been more impressed if those pants turned out to be yoga pants for cowboy-wannabes (is there such a thing?).

While it’s nice to see a bit of variety from the usual Lulu uniform, I really do wonder what inspires people to show up to yoga wearing what they do. Next time I come across poor clothing choice, I’ll try to be brave and sneak in a pic or two.

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