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Totally not yoga related

I want you to read a blog. I’m not usually the pushy blogger that tries to force things to go viral, but I was really moved by this.

Avery’s Bucket List.

I got this link from a friend. It’s a blog written from the perspective of Avery, a 5 month old baby girl who was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and has maybe 18 months to live. She has a long bucket list of to-do’s before the disease takes over her body, and one of her bucket list items is to get the blog to go viral so there is a face (a cute little baby’s face!) to the disease and to spread awareness.

I look at my kiddo every night and every morning and feel so grateful to have a healthy happy baby boy. I cannot imagine the heartache that’s been dealt to this family with a fatal disease when they’re just getting to know and understand this new human being. But I feel uplifted by them and how they want to make the most of their little girl’s life. They are making the most of the time they have with her and share their story for others to read.

So go. Read it. Bookmark it. Add it to your RSS reader. This kid is a great funny writer at the age of 5 months! And then share it.

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