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Can yoga cure the plague?


Yes, yes. An exaggeration, I know. But I really did feel like I was suffering from some deathly ills the past few days. When I get sick, I usually get hit with an upper respiratory disturbance and a sore throat. Whatever got me this time had me curled up in bed, piling extra blankets on top to stay warm while simultaneously burning up with a fever and clutching my brain to stop it from firing off shooting pains.

My body has been so wrecked since the end of pregnancy, thanks to sciatica and now almost 8 months of nursing and pumping. My head is permanently at chin-to-chest, and my neck muscles are about to give out. So add 3 days of bed rest to that and “feeling bad” is kind of an understatement.

When Mother’s Day rolled around, I was happy that most of my symptoms had subsided. The plague had lifted! My stiff body was all that was left, and I knew I needed to get on my mat.

The room at the studio was nice and warm when I entered. It felt like a much-needed hug. I took my forward folds gently and bent my knees for downward dog. I didn’t bother to go into full twists. I treated my practice with kindness in hopes that it would help my muscles and joints get the movement and blood circulation that I desperately needed. And it helped tremendouly.

When 90 minutes was up, I felt amazing. I still had remnants of my cold, but this was a complete turn-around from the plague.

So can yoga cure the plague? Maybe. It certainly helped me, at least. I finished a book called The End of Illness by David Angus not too long ago, and one of the things he talked about was keeping as much to a regular schedule – even if you’re ill – because your body likes consistency. And while I could hardly crawl myself to the bathroom when I was sick, I’m glad I made my way to my mat when I could.

Take it easy, of course. But try it out the next time you’re not feeling well and let me know if yoga cured the plague for you too.

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