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Ivivva: Lulu for teens

New Ivivva Dancewear line for teens by Lululemon

Through Zulily, which is a daily deal site for moms, babies and kids, I saw a sale for a new lululemon line designed for teens. They’re touting ivivva athletica as a dancewear line, but they look oddly like the full-grown lulu yoga clothes, just a slimmer cut and slightly better prices. That jacket? Retails for $84. Those tights are $58.

As an adult, those seem like a pretty good price considering what they charge for the grown-up stuff. But when I think about teens/pre-teens and how quickly they grow out of clothes or grow out of styles (ugh, that is SO last year, Mom!), I can’t wrap my brain around spending that much money.

So maybe I’m also jealous that I now have womanly hips and curves that could never squeeze into a teen cut anything just so I can take advantage of those prices, but I digress.

What do you think of this new line? Brilliant business move by lulu or a sick display of capitalism to swindle parents of more money for their kids? Maybe one and the same?

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