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Oh, why did I have bangs cut?

My new mod hairdo

Yes, this seems like such a frivolous topic to cover on a yoga blog, where we’re supposed to get all deep and self-reflective. And as much as I want to get to that inner happy place, I find that I’m constantly distracted by … MY HAIR.

I’m thankful I figured out tying my hair into pigtails to keep it out of the way for any type of postures teachers want to throw at me. However… it’s really hard for me – with black hair and the hot Texas sun – to keep it at that adequate length without feeling suffocated by the heat trapped on my head.

At some point each year, I say goodbye to the mass of hair on my head and lop off at least 3-4 inches.  More recently, I had the brilliant idea to have some fringe bangs cut right above my eyebrows. I’m not a particularly fashionable person, so my only response to “What made you get bangs cut?” was “Why not?”

Why not? Well, first of all, I’m messing with my bangs all day. I try to shake ‘em out a little so they don’t look too rigid and stuffy. I have to make sure a chunk of it doesn’t suddenly get moved to the side and look like I was out in a windstorm. And then, they tickle my eyebrows. Oh, the feel of tiny hairs where I’m not used to feeling them drives me batty. And then of course, they get in the way of my yoga practice!

I can see them dangling when I’m in downward dog. When I wipe the sweat from my brow, my bangs suddenly get stuck to my forehead at an awkward angle.

Maybe I’m the only one who has this problem. Maybe there’s some unspoken secret for happy yoga hair AND happy all-other-times hair. If only they were just a bit longer, I could pin the whole lot back or to the side. But then, my bangs would literally be in my eyes when I’m not on my mat.

Everyone at work insists that they look cute (and yes, they really do look cute when I’m dry and stationary and not trying to do headstand), so why does yoga make me doubt my hairstyle choices?

Lovely readers, how do you reconcile the need for yoga-friendly hair and sporting a fashionable ‘do that is not-so-yoga-friendly?

I’m seriously asking because I’m at a loss here. I’m already thinking of growing them out.

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  1. Headbands. Its kind of a crapshoot which ones will fit your head, though – I’ve tried out like, ten different kinds and have still only found maybe two that I like. One is a thin one by Goody that I got in Atlanta, and the other is one by lululemon – but I find the logo in the middle of my head a little cultist.

    I think that’s a SUPER cute picture of you though! Especially with the frown. haha. 🙂

    • Terri says

      i need to shop around for headbands. i bought some that were goody brand that had these silicon nubs on them so they won’t slide against my hair. but i think the shape of my head near the nape of my neck doesn’t have enough bone for it to catch. so the whole thing just rides up the back of my head until it’s loose. i’ll keep looking though.

      and thanks about the pic! 😛

      • Headbands are nice but when you get sweaty and THEN you remove it, you have like, bangs that are matted and sticking straight up. Haha. Not a good look.

        • Terri says

          linda, have you SEEN me post-yoga? 🙂 it’s not a good look in general with sweatspots on my clothes and everything sticking every which way. and yet i still go to costco afterward to do my shopping. i should really be more embarrassed of myself. haha!

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