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The First Class: What to Wear (for the dudes)

Mr. FindingDrishti in Warrior II

The First Class is a series of posts where I discuss what to bring, what to wear and what to expect when you go to class. While this is aimed mostly at newbies, this is certainly applicable for people looking for tips on how to improve their yoga experience.

Editor’s note: For this post, I have asked my husband to write about clothing choice for the dudes, since clearly, I would not be the right source for telling men what to wear to yoga class.

To add a male perspective, Terri has asked me to prepare a follow up piece on her “What to Wear” post. For the most part, guy’s clothing is real simple. Just wear what you would wear to a pickup basketball game, minus the tennis shoes. A t-shirt and athletic shorts are perfect. Sweat-wicking material is a plus.

More important than what to wear, is what not to wear. Yoga is a community activity, so don’t wear things that will make people around you uncomfortable. Don’t be “That Guy.” Here are three simple rules to help make yoga pleasant for everyone:

1. Avoid Nuthugger Shorts / Biker Shorts: Absolutely no one wants your crotch to be their drishti. With this in mind, even longer athletic shorts tend to ride up during inversions, so make sure you make the proper underwear choice. A dark colored boxer brief is preferable. This is definitely not the time for that leopard print thong.

2. Eliminate (or at least minimize) Body Odor: You are going to smell bad when you leave practice; there is nothing you can do about that. So at least try and smell as clean as possible when you start. Use deodorant, not cologne. You don’t want your smell distracting people around you.

3. Wear a Shirt: Unless you look like Michaelangelo’s David, no one wants to see that, and if you do look like David, put a shirt on or you’ll look like a male stripper. Here is a simple test to know if it is ok for you to not wear a shirt. Are you a metamorphic rock carved between 1501 and 1504 to represent the Biblical hero David and are currently on display at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence Italy? If Yes, you are good. If No, then put a shirt on.

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