Yoga Practice

Yoga at the airport

Exercise room at the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport with yoga mats and instructional video

A few weeks ago, as I embarked on my first flight since my pregnancy (it’s been an entire year!), I thought back to all the time I used to spend at the airport for business travel. All the time I was stuck sitting on my butt, staring at a monitor to see when my flight would stop being delayed even further. And I always thought to myself in those long hours how much happier my body would be if I could spend that time on a yoga mat instead of a crusty vinyl seat with the smell of fast food.

Signs for the Yoga Room at SFO

With the rapid rise of popularity in yoga, airports are starting to take notice. I first heard about the new Yoga Room opened at SFO’s Terminal 2 through Road Warriorette’s blog. Then, it reminded me of an entire open exercise room I saw in Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport a few years ago (see pic above).

I think it makes for happier, healthier travelers who have the opportunity to stretch out their backs and their legs properly after lugging around baggage and before they get cooped up in confined spaces.

It seems like a silly reason to travel, but I kind of want to go to new airports just to see who else is getting on board with offering a yoga room or any other space for travelers to get a good stretch.

Has anyone else seen examples of yoga rooms at airports?

(More from the SFO airport)

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