I want: An office chair for cross-legged sitting

I saw this on Pinterest the other day…

Zen Chair by Rafael Morgan, Source: TouchofModern.com

while I was seated in my office chair like this…

My chunky legs squished cross-legged in an ergonomic chair

and I’ve always thought how lovely it would be to have an office chair that would accommodate cross-legged sitting comfortably. Really, I just need a larger seat base where the arms don’t encroach on my knees. And plenty of padding for my big ole butt.

Maybe something wide and on wheels like this…

Giselle Swivel Office Desk Chair

Better yet, I could work from a low table (coffee table height?) on a tatami mat. It’ll remind me of college when I did all my studying at the coffee table while seated on the floor.

Washitsu in a Japanese home, Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Sometimes, sitting in an office chair for too long causes my mind to wander, and then I’m reminded of how much my body hurts from having a desk job. Yoga to the rescue?

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  1. You mean I’m the only one in my 30’s still using my coffee table as a dining table/desk/catch-all?

    I agree with you on the desk chair….the smallness of the seat can be quite a hinderance. Also, as someone who tortures themselves by sitting on a hard, dining chair at my desk, my poor ankles get mangled once they’ve been crossed for more than a minute. Perhaps we need a large, soft seat with room for a little meditation cushion to elevate our hips and decrease pressure on the knees…? HHMMMMM.

    • Terri says

      if we hadn’t traded out old coffee table for an ottoman, i’d still be using it as a catch-all table. instead, we pile everything on the ottoman, but now there’s no place for our legs. i bet you could design this meditation/desk chair and sell it for big bucks! 🙂

  2. I totally just went down the rabbit hole of requesting a login from touchofmodern.com. 😛

    My home office chair is actually a normal office chair.. that’s just EXTRA WIDE so I can sit cross legged and still have arm rests to lean on. Haha.

    • Terri says

      i canNOT sign up for another daily deals type of site. but i bet they have a lot of really pretty stuff on Touch of Modern.

      what do you have at home?

  3. I’ve always sat crossed-legged in my computer chair, though lately I’m trying to reduce that because I have noticed that it is affecting the circulation of my feet and causing me numbness and some pain when I do get up to walk, and when I lay down. I think it’s the reduced blood flow due to the feet being pressed against the seat cushion for hours on end. Anyhow, I found this armless computer chair with an extra-wide base & extra foam I am thinking of purchasing to continue my bad crossed-legged sitting position..though much less of it..lol.


    • Terri says

      i get the numb feet sometimes too. i think it’s because a chair doesn’t have the same cushion as other surfaces. i sit on the sofa a lot cross-legged and don’t have any problems.

    • Terri says

      that’s kinda cool! although, without a back, i think i might accidentally fall off backward. thanks for sharing!

  4. Krixee says

    I noticed a little while ago that sitting cross-legged in my office chair was my go-to position…one reason I noticed was because of the new chair I got. The arm dug into my left thigh. Ugh! I just traded my bf for his chair…it’s a Gaiam balance ball chair. I think it may be the answer for me. There’s a little bit of a back so you don’t fall off, and the ball shape allows your crossed legs to be a little lower than your hips, so it isn’t as tight. This is my first day using it, so I don’t know if its a “for sure” solution, but it shows promise!

    • Terri says

      i’ve never thought to try sitting cross legged on a balance ball. after you’ve tried it for a while, let me know if it’s still comfortable.

      • Krixee says

        Day one was great. The next couple of days were unremarkable as I didn’t spend much time at my desk. The next time I sat at my desk for any length of time, I found it highly uncomfortable and impossible to settle in a good position (I also had been dealing with some lower back pain earlier in the day that wasn’t being very cooperative, either).

        It was so frustrating that I traded my bf back for my old desk chair. :-/ I never have had much luck with his chair, but I keep wanting it to work! I will probably try it again tomorrow, though 🙂

        • Terri says

          i know people who use the balance ball itself at the office. but they don’t sit cross-legged. it’s supposed to help with back problems associated with a traditional chair.

  5. Bill says

    I’ve been sitting crosslegged for decades (I also have a room with a tea table and tatami floor but I don’t use that for work much. I find the table is not the best height).

    What has worked best for me is armless drafting chairs. They tend to have wide seat and be flatter than most chairs. They also go higher than the normal desk chair which I find useful. They are very affordable as well.

    • Terri says

      great suggestion. the arm rests and the width of the seat really make a huge difference.

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