Moment of Zen: Calm concentration

When I think about my practice and how much effort it takes to gracefully transition from one posture to the next, I always have to remind myself to not get frustrated with the process. Whether I’m jumping back into chaturanga or attempting to chakrasana (roll back), it seems easier to let out the burst of energy instead of controlling the movement so I don’t sound like a drunk elephant.

Today’s Moment of Zen is inspired by mental strength. The effort. The control. The calm concentration required for a steady mind and steady breath.

Photo source: fastcodesign.com

I bought a mini zen garden after my first trip to Japan so I could be reminded of the beautiful sand gardens that surround the imperial palaces. I found that I got so completely frustrated by the process of thoughtfully placing the rocks and steadily raking the wave patterns around them. (I have a bit of a heavy hand.) I couldn’t imagine putting myself in the shoes of those who tend the palace gardens and how much restraint they must exercise to NOT run around kicking all the sand everywhere!

It’s better that I leave the gardening to the professionals and simply appreciate their effort and calm concentration to create this Moment of Zen.

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