Shocking yoga imagery: Breastfeeding in sirsasana

FAIR WARNING: The image below may be NSFW – not because of breastfeeding (which is a whole other topic!) – but because there’s a bit of naked involved. I’ll keep the size small in case you’re skimming through your RSS feed of choice and don’t want others to accidentally glance at your screen.

Photo source: PITNB

Okay, so ever since Time magazine shocked the mommy world (and those who judge moms and the choices they make as parents) with the “Are you mom enough” cover story, there have been numerous discussions and then parodies of the cover photo. And then one of my favorite celeb gossip blogs, Pink is the New Blog, featured this photo to talk about how this topic of Attachment Parenting has “popped” in pop culture.

I’m not here to discuss the Time magazine article, what age I think is appropriate to wean your child from breastfeeding or even the idea of attachment parenting. That’s not what this blog is about. I want to talk about the yoga-ness happening in this image, that was clearly chosen for the shock value to incite a reaction. (I guess it worked if I’m writing this post!)

My first thought was, “Why is she naked in her backyard?” She’s just asking for mosquito bites in some very uncomfortable places.

My second thought was, “Why is she in sirsasana?” Does it help the flow of the milk? Is she trying to work out a clogged duct?

My third thought was, “How did her naked baby perfectly position him/herself at her boob?” I know my child does not like the feel of grass on his skin, and in no way would he crawl himself across the yard to get some milk. He would’ve cried and thrown a tantrum, disturbing the focus required to maintain headstand.

My fourth thought was, “That seems pretty dangerous to be hovering in sirsasana over your child.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want ANYONE touching me when I’m in headstand and trying to maintain my balance. It’s a recipe for falling in an ungraceful way.

And there you have it. Shocking yoga imagery at its most… confusing and impractical.

EDIT: Found the original source for this image with background information to answer all my burning questions! Daughter of the Sun

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