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The First Class: Look at Your Feet

The First Class is a series of posts that discuss what to bring, what to wear and what to expect when you go to class. While this is aimed mostly at newbies, this is certainly applicable for people looking for tips on how to improve their yoga experience.

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Look at Your Feet

This tip isn’t so much about checking alignment, although you’ll often hear your teacher remind you to make sure your knee doesn’t bend past your toes. No, this is about the need to take care of the health, cleanliness and aesthetic of your feet.

Before you enter the studio, you’ll be removing your footwear. This means a LOT of bare feet will be exposed. While you may be practicing on your own mat, you aren’t the only one who can see your feet!

Your neighboring yogi will see those toes of yours simply by proximity. Looking down for balance when getting into triangle pose or half moon pose means those next to you will get a glimpse.

Sometimes, you’re doing partner work, like supported Warrior III. While you may be helping someone stretch their arms and keep their balance, they have a clear view of your feet as they look down. Chipped nail polish. A hangnail. Dry, cracked skin. It’s all visible!

When you’re in any seated forward fold, those across from you will see how often or little you exfoliate the bottoms of your feet. You getting the picture now?

You could try to hide them by wearing yoga socks. But frankly, no one wears those silly things. They’re just a breeding ground for fungus and extra sweaty funk.

In short…

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