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Yoga in the summer

Summer is in full swing here, and I always find summer time the hardest to get on my mat. Maybe if I were a grad student with summers off or had a job that gave me “summer Fridays” or something, I’d have more flexibility to try new classes and teachers during the week. Unfortunately, my summers look just like my winters and falls and springs – cooped up in an office 8+ hours a day.

Time limitations aside, it’s this heat that’s getting to me (yesterday was a record-breaking 109!). Even though there are so many things I love about the healing elements of a warm practice, all I want to do when the temps are over 100 is chill out in air conditioning! I want to eat ice cream, frozen fruit bars, ice cold watermelon and Jello pudding.

As much as I try to hide away from the blistering heat, I’m also oddly attracted to it. Getting those yoga clothes on and unrolling my mat are steps one and two. And by the sweaty end, where the room is so balmy that the windows are fogged over, I feel a blissful exhaustion. I lie there in savasana with my clothes soaked in sweat –  hair sticking to my forehead and to my mat – and I let out that last sigh before my brain drifts into its quiet place. It really is amazing. And I wonder when it’s done why I don’t get on my mat more often in the summer.

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