Yoga Teacher Barbie

Photo credit: Flickr user Q-tee16

I first saw mention of this Barbie doll on my Facebook news feed from YogaDork. It’s in the “I can be” line, and this one is exclusively sold at Target as “I can be a Yoga Teacher,” complete with little puppy dog and cropped pants.

Photo credit: Flickr user Q-tee 16

This Barbie must be going to Whole Foods after class. Her hair looks a little disheveled. Photo source: Facebook profile Yoga Barbie

While the Yoga Teacher version of Barbie is perky and pristine, I did have a giggle at this fake Facebook page for Yoga Barbie (assuming she’s just a student and not a teacher as well).

Her activities and interests include Bikram Hot Yoga and “Palates”  – as in your upper and lower palates of the mouth – NOT pilates.

This Yoga Barbie isn’t nearly as put together. Her hair is a bit of a mess, she’s wearing a grungy hoodie and tiptoe-ing in the tiniest tennis shoes that would make her fall over if she were built to real proportions.

One of her favorite quotes is, “No matter where you go, there you are.” –  Bukaroo Bonzai.

Very deep.

Alright, alright. One more Barbie-related yoga image for one extra giggle. This one is from YogaBeans.com, which I’m now going through post by post because I find action figures hilarious to play with.

Spiderman demonstrating parsvottanasana with Yoga Barbie, Photo credit: yogabeans.com

I don’t really have a point in here. Just thought y’all could use a giggle or two or three this morning. Happy Tuesday!

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    • Terri says

      i don’t think there are as many ken doll variations, but maybe spiderman has extra moves that could steal her away. 😛

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