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Changing my yoga schedule

Such wise words from Ashtanga founder P. Jois. (By the way, I love these ashtanga-inspired illustrations at!)

The other day, I blogged about my yoga slump. While I’ve carved out my Sunday mornings for ashtanga class going on 5 years now, I found it very difficult to maintain a home practice. Things got exponentially more difficult in this last year with the introduction of a new human in our home (aka the baby), and so it was easier to just not do it than to try to find the time or space.

That’s all about to change again. My usual Sunday class will be going away in a couple weeks. My current teacher is off to do other amazing things in his life (including getting to practice yoga alongside us), and there likely won’t be a replacement ashtanga teacher to fill that slot.

While ashtanga is offered at other studios around town, the number of classes on the weekends are limited. I used to make some 6 or 6:30 pm ashtanga classes during the week before the baby, but that’s not really an option anymore.

This change may be the kick start I need to focus on a home-based ashtanga practice. I’ve done it before with a self-imposed 90-day yoga challenge, but maintaining a practice at home requires so much self-discipline and cooperation within the household. The good news is, I do know the primary series sequence by heart. I feel like I have enough information from my wonderful teachers and from going to workshops to know what my next steps are to deepen the practice.

As far as making it to a studio and having a shared experience with fellow yogis… Well, there are vinyasa classes I’ve been to before that I’ve always enjoyed. It might be time to really mix things up with a home-based ashtanga practice and experiment with new postures at a studio with different teachers.

I’ll keep y’all posted. I think my yoga practice is about to change BIG time.

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