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How to choose a yoga studio

If your city is as saturated with yoga studios as Austin is, you’re probably seeing a lot of dots on your Google Map like so:

Google Maps pulls up 510 results for yoga studios near Austin, TX

This can certainly make choosing a yoga studio feel overwhelming. Here are some things to consider in the process.

Location. Depending on when you like to attend class (before/after work, on the weekends/evenings), how near or far the studio is from where you’re coming or going can affect your attendance. There may be a studio right near your home, but if 6 pm right after work is your best time to attend and traffic takes 45 minutes, you’ll likely not make it to class often.

Parking. Related to location, think about your parking options when you get there. Is there a parking lot? Will you have to find street parking? How much time will that add to the commute there?

Class schedule. When you pull up the class schedule, check to see if they offer the type of classes you want at the times that you want. If you work during the day, that really only leaves weekend and evening classes, so make sure you have some options during your availability.

Teachers. If you don’t already know the teacher you want, read through the teacher bios and see if there are a few you’d like based on their areas of focus and backgrounds.

Class size. Consider the studio space and how many students can comfortably fit in one class. Some studios have a cut-off for when a class is considered full while others fit in as many students who arrive on time.

Ambience. Does the space feel cold and impersonal? A little too much incense for you? Make sure you find a place where you’ll feel comfortable practicing week in and week out.

Price. Cost can certainly be a big factor since a class pass comes out more cost effective per class than the drop-in rate. It comes down to simple math at that point. Make sure you check the “expiration” time for a class pass though. Buying 20 classes might be cheaper, but if you only have 4 months, figure out whether you’ll be able to use the pass before then.

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  1. I like your idea on considering location when choosing a yoga studio. It makes sense that you would want to find somewhere that is close to you so that your trip takes less time. I’m looking for a new yoga studio so I’ll have to consider the location among other things.

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