Yoga Practice

I’m in a yoga slump

I’m not even going to pretend like I’ve rolled my mat out recently with the intention of getting on it. I’ve gone to my usual Sunday morning class, but that’s about it. At home, I haven’t had any desire to do yoga.

The call of the Olympics for 2 solid weeks has been strong this year, and the baby’s sleep pattern has pretty much gone to crap so I nap a lot to catch up. I feel like I have valid excuses, but I know my body isn’t all too happy about the lack of yoga either.

You’d think that since I’ve been glued to all the gymnastics and diving that I would have more inspiration to work on my yoga. I mean, watching divers get into a perfect handstand while teetering on the edge of the 10 meter platform should be enough to get me practicing against a wall. But no. I sit in awe, and then go back to wishful thinking.

I think I’m in a full-out yoga slump, y’all.

My desire to learn to do regular splits? Over it. My intention to eat mindfully according to my pitta dosha? Spicy foods won out. I need a good kick in the yoga butt.

Any tips for getting back on the mat? Any videos or images that you look at to get a nice boost of motivation?

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