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Tip: Turn off your phone alarm

I’ll tell you about the first time I learned this lesson. I was on a 6 am flight for work. I turned off my phone per the flight attendant’s instruction. At 7 am, my phone alarm for my normal work-day started beeping. In my morning grogginess, I thought, “How annoying that someone on this plane didn’t turn off their phone as instructed.” And then, I realized the beeping was coming from my bag!!!

To my horror, I was the rude passenger whose phone was making atrocious sounds mid-flight. Apparently, shutting down power on a phone does NOT disable the alarm functions.

So the other week, I went to a 9 am Saturday yoga class, turned off my phone ringer and set my bag in a cubby hole. I try to let myself sleep in until 9 am on Saturdays (as often as my baby will allow… *sigh*), and since I was up an hour before my usual time to make it to this class, I completely forgot about the default alarm time that was still enabled on my phone. It was beeping in my bag thankfully before class officially started.

That’s my yoga class (and travel) etiquette tip for the day. Turn off those phone alarms, and then turn off your phones before class/take-off. It’ll save you from being that annoying beep.

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