Yoga Practice

Why is savasana so hard?

Even after 75 minutes of vigorous yoga, where you’re moving and shaking and sweating up a storm, sometimes savasana feels like extra work when you “should” be able to collapse right into it. Why is it so hard?

There are plenty of ways of doing savasana wrong.

  • Falling asleep (and snoring!)
  • Continuing to control your breath
  • Dwelling on something that was bothering you from work
  • Creating a mental to-do list for after class
  • Fidgeting to adjust [your hair, the itch on your elbow…]
  • Peeking at the clock to see how long you’ve been in the pose and how much longer before class ends
  • Yada, yada, yada. The list could go on.

I don’t have the answers as I think it will take me 30 years to “master” this pose. But from my experience, I try to physically settle into the pose upon lying down. I pull my shoulder blades underneath and down my back. I separate my legs almost the width of my mat – seems to keep me from wiggling my feet too much. I use those final controlled breaths to let go of the practice with a sigh. Then, as I lie fully pressed into my mat, I acknowledge and release my thoughts as soon as they drift into my mind.

Sometimes, it works. Most times, I keep fighting my thoughts and then try to count my breaths so at least it’s a mindless activity.

How do you try to make savasana easier?

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