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6 Reasons to Practice Yoga while on Business Travel

As much as I resent traveling for work because of the big disruption to my home life, the stress of air travel itself, and dealing with expense reports (oh, the expense reports!), it’s actually the perfect opportunity to practice yoga. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. More “me time” at the hotel. Instead of coming home to pay bills, walk the dog, cook dinner, and put away laundry, it’s JUST YOU in the hotel room. Some people may choose to dive into the mound of pillows and watch TV in bed for the rest of the night. But this is a great time to focus on you and your practice for 30, 60, or 90 uninterrupted minutes.

2. Quiet space. There isn’t much great TV to watch that won’t be waiting for you on the home DVR anyway. Once you’re done with work for the day, close that laptop. Give a quick call to your loved ones, and then turn off the distractions. Enjoy the quiet space.

3. The aches and pains of travel are begging for yoga. I shared 5 postures to undo plane stiffness on that also serve to stretch and help your body relax. You’ll definitely want to get on the mat if you’re preparing for a big client meeting or event. You want to wake up feeling good and ready to tackle the day.

4. Good time to try an online video. I’ve had Yoga with a View by Hilaria Baldwin (yes, Alec Baldwin’s wife) queued up on Hulu for some time and haven’t had a chance to try it out at home. Without distractions or excuses at a hotel, this was a good time to give it a try among other online videos.

5. Time for a morning yoga session too. If your mornings are anything like mine, then you’re probably barely getting the whole family out the door on time. Use the extra hour that would’ve been spent packing lunches and wrangling a toddler who refuses to put a diaper on to get some blood moving.

6. Easy to pack. Unlike bulky running shoes, yoga clothes and a yoga towel are easy to pack in a suitcase. And [for the ladies] if you don’t have to worry about traveling with your boss, you could even wear some yoga leggings under a long top for a comfortable flight home!


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