Yoga Practice

Breaking the yoga dry spell

My yoga slump lasted a few weeks. I felt lost. I felt lazy. I felt achy. My poor mat was just collecting dust in a closet. Then, we had tile floors installed in our kitchen to replace old peeling linoleum, and that pretty much killed all productivity at the house.

But I’m happy to report that after the adventurous yoga wall class I attended, I did a yoga double-header the following weekend. I have a new yoga class pass at a different studio with my old teacher. While it’s not ashtanga, it is a very challenging vinyasa class!

We worked on core. We did a lot of chair pose variations. (Ugh! Yes, chair pose, my nemesis!) Back strengthening. Back bending variations. Arm balances against a wall. This is stuff we don’t focus on in primary series, so I struggled. In fact, I think some of the stuff we did was from second and third series. Nonetheless, it was fun to try new poses and see where I was in terms of my strength and flexibility.

Scissor pose side crow. Source: FitSugar

The second half of my double-header was a heated, juicy vinyasa class with a teacher whose classes I’ve been wanting to attend for quite some time. There were maybe 30 people in there, so add to the juicyness of the room!

We played with lots of fun arm balances, including scissor pose (pictured left), which I’ve never done before and delightfully got up for a little bit. I’d done side crow, titibasana (aka firefly) and made attempts at pinchu mayurasana without the safety of a wall to catch me. By the time we got to savasana, I was exhausted and sweaty from head to toe. The best part was stepping back out to the real world, where it was raining and only 60-something degrees. (Woohoo! Fall has finally arrived in Texas!)

The double-header was the kick in the butt I needed to get my yoga brain working again. And whoa, did it kick my butt. I was sore for days. I felt my sense of adventure and experimentation come charging back, and I’m looking for ways to clear more time in my schedule to keep getting on my mat.

I feel renewed.

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