I refuse to drink the kombucha

In another instance of “I don’t think I get it” when it comes to yoga culture, I’ve seen kombucha touted as this amazing health drink. It comes in various fruit flavors and is supposed to have all these great health benefits, like aiding digestion and keeping your system in top shape.

When I saw it offered at a local yoga event, I thought I’d give it a try. Figuring it was probably along the lines of chai tea or coconut water or some other trendy beverage, I got a little sample cup.

What I expected was fruit juice with a healthier herbal aftertaste and quite a bit of a markup in price. What I got instead was…

Um… it tastes like ass, people. 

What in the world is this stuff? I know it’s some kind of tea that uses live bacteria to make it. I’ve been exposed to plenty of fermented foods and drinks in Asian culture, but this was nothing like anything I’ve tasted before.

And then, I see pictures like this from the homemade brewing process. The bacteria is in the form of a curdy cake that has BABIES that you have to take care of to make even more kombucha.

During the brewing process a new culture (known as the baby) develops on the under side of the original culture (known as the mother). Between brewing batches these cultures are separated. Either the mother or the baby can be used to start your next batch. You may give either culture away to a friend if you like. You may also keep it aside as a backup but this takes some care to keep the culture alive. –

I don’t think kombucha is for me. You’d have to add a cup of sugar and tell me to hold my nose to chug it down like medicine to stop from vomiting it up immediately. From what I’ve heard, people either love it or hate it. I’m in the “hate it” crowd.

Is there anyone out there who loves drinking this stuff and willing to explain a better reason to try kombucha again? Maybe some brands taste better than others?

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  1. bab736 says

    Is it like the tea version of yogurt? I haven’t tried it, but had no idea it was spawned like that. Crazy…

  2. berngalvin says

    all commercial brands of kombucha don’t taste the same. Based on your comments you may want to try one of the brands that are a little more approachable taste-wise – say búcha live kombucha. You can get it at your local Whole Foods store. Try their Guava Mango or Grapefruit Sage to start with.

    • will those have more of a fruit flavor than what i experienced?

  3. Store bought Kombuchas apparently don’t taste good in most cases.

    In stark contrast, homemade kombucha is the best tasting drink I’ve ever had in my life. It tastes like champagne only 10 times better.

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