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It’s OK to step off the mat

Even though this is a child’s mat, the hand imprints are a nice reminder for placement. (Source)

A rookie mistake I made when I first began yoga was thinking I needed to always be in the middle of my mat. What I found was I had to keep shifting myself to STAY in the middle of the mat as we transitioned from one posture to the next. This was especially annoying during some seated postures, where I ended up scooting around on my butt as if I were a dog with itchy-butt issues to remain centered.

It wasn’t until I started learning ashtanga did I realize that it’s SO much easier to find my hand placement at the front of the mat and keep that spot throughout the course of the practice. No matter if we stepped back into a lunge or did a vinyasa, my hands always found its way at the front.

What this means is that sometimes you end up “falling” off the mat, and that’s perfectly OK. After a vinyasa, going from downward dog into a seated forward fold means that your butt is near where your hands were at the front of the mat and your legs are on the floor. Don’t freak out at this moment. You’ll be back on the safety of your mat soon enough.

By maintaining hand placement, you won’t have to keep re-adjusting where you are on the mat. You can stay focused on flowing through your yoga practice.

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