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Introducing yoga to a friend

Gotta start him early!

I love yoga and all that it’s brought to my life. So of course, I want to share my love with friends who show any amount of interest. The easiest way to do this is to bring them to class with me so they can experience it themselves.

Getting a newbie to their first class is the biggest hump. Everyone has an excuse. “I’ve never done yoga before.” “I won’t know what I’m doing.” “It’s going to be a bunch of hippies/yuppies.” “I’m not flexible enough.” “I look fat in yoga clothes.” “I sweat a lot.” (Yeah, me too!)

Despite what their preconceived notions are, there is one thing I always like to remind them. Everyone has to start somewhere. And if you feel self conscious, don’t. Everyone else will be so focused on their practice that they won’t care what you’re doing.

The great part about introducing friends to yoga is you’ve created a new yoga friend to go to class with in the future. Yoga has a way of making an individual, personal practice into a shared social and communal event. I make yoga dates with friends when lunch and happy hours don’t fit our schedules. Then, afterward, we gab and, if there’s time, grab a quick bite. It’s the perfect meet-up.

Another perk is it keeps you accountable to make sure you both get on your mats and maintain a regular practice. The beginners need the encouragement to keep trying and learning, and the regular yogis keep their practice fresh through the eyes of a newb.

Bonus points if your studio lets you share a 20 class pass, so you can save some money!

Extra bonus points if the newbie is your partner. Super extra bonus points if the newbie is your child.

So grab a friend who’s always wanted to try yoga! (And hey, Dallas friends! I’ll be in town before and after Thanksgiving. Anyone want to go to a class with me?)

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