Review: Yoga with a View, Hilaria Baldwin

I’ve had this on my Hulu queue for quite some time, and it wasn’t until I went on a business trip last week that I got the opportunity to try it out. There are two seasons of Yoga with a View available currently on Hulu, but only season 2 is led by Hilaria Baldwin (aka Alec Baldwin’s wife). And by the way, they’re all shot in stunning locations!

Each program is 22 minutes long, so really about 20 minutes after the beautiful scenic camera work that leads into and out of each section. I tried Season 2 Episode 1, which focused on arms and glutes, and it was a vinyasa style practice. You can also watch these videos on YouTube under the PlumTV channel.

The good: She’s a real yoga instructor who gives clear direction – you don’t have to look up at the screen to understand what’s going on (although, the locations are so beautiful that it’s nice to look up every once in a while). She uses common terms instead of all Sanskrit, which is helpful for beginners, and she offers modifications with her “assistants” modeling those versions with the help of props.

The bad: The practice was broken up into 3 segments, perfectly timed for Hulu’s commercial interruptions. While I had to wait the 60-90 seconds of commercials before it got back to the video, I would lose my focus and my breath. In the YouTube version, the commercial breaks are still in there, but you can skip the ad after 5 seconds.

Additionally, we worked one side of the body before the commercial break and then came back to do the other side afterward. It felt disjointed.

Overall: 20 minutes was a little “light” for me. We barely held postures long enough to count as an ‘arm and glutes’ workout, as the video advertised. But I think this would be great for beginner level yogis or someone needing a quick stretch without having to create your own flow of postures. If you’re looking for something a little more intense or heavier on the vinyasas, this might be too elementary.

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