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5 Poses for people who sit at a desk all day

No lie. I probably sit like this 90% of my day. As in right now as I type this post.

Terrible posture! My mother would be ashamed. Source

I know it’s not good for me. I try to be mindful of my posture. But it happens. So I try other ways to feel better after slumping over my laptop all days.

Here are 5 poses for people who sit behind a desk all day:

Surya namaskara A Source

1. Sun salutations. When you’re glued to a desk the entire work day, you need to get some blood moving! Do 5 sun salutation A’s and 5 sun salutation B’s for circulation and fresh oxygen.

Pigeon pose Source

2. Pigeon. Whether you cross your legs at the knees, cross at the ankles with legs extended, sit on one foot or keep your knees glued together while bent at a perfect 90 degrees, your hips are taking a beating in a chair. They don’t see a big enough range of motion. Pigeon will help open the hips and release the tension that we hold there, sitting in awkward cross-legged configurations. Make sure to do both sides equally.

Marichyasana C – Modified without bind Source

3. Marichyasana C – spinal twist. Slouching while sitting wrecks your spine, so a little gentle twisting action wakes up the vertebrae and wrings out toxins from your organs. I personally like the little pops that happen in a twist too.

Bridge pose Source

4. Bridge. This is another good one for your spine (and to open your chest!) to undo the weird curvature that happens when slouching and seated for long periods of time. Really focus on drawing the shoulders and arms under your body and press your hips up with your legs (instead of tightening your butt). The opposing actions release a lot of tension in the chest.

Half moon pose with block – Source

5. Half moon pose. Sitting and slouching leaves the body crumpled into a heap over a desk, and I like the strength and open-ness that half moon pose promotes. Strength in the standing leg. Pulling the top hip up. Extending the top arm up to open the chest. Balance in the foot.

What are some of your favorite postures?

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  1. sun salutations are great for a thorough stretch. especially in the morning. you are all stiff but with every round your body wakes up and it moves better.
    i much enjoyed pigeons pose just recently. after a few weeks of yoga absence i went into it for a couple of minutes and it felt soo good.

    • Terri says

      i agree. pigeon pose is one of those super therapeutic poses. we hold so much stress and tension in our hips, and once you’re in it and can release, it feels sooooo good.

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