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5 poses to stretch skinny jeans

I’m trying to get into the skinny jeans + boots fashion trend. Considering I’ve been a bootcut jeans gal forEVER, I’m not really used to how skinny skinny jeans are. Whenever I’ve pulled these jeans out of the clean laundry pile, I can barely stuff my legs into them without feeling a little suffocated. So these are the 5 poses I do to stretch my skinny jeans for more comfortable wear.

Warrior 2. The deep lunging action starts the stretching process in the crotch and thighs.

Squat. What can squatting NOT do, guys? Seriously, the belly pooch helps to loosen the waist band too.

Reverse Warrior. This puts just enough pressure on the back side of the waist band.

Pigeon. Once the warrior poses start the process, pigeon comes in and takes the stretching to a whole other level.

Cobbler. Like with squatting, this is the real test for waist band flexibility.

Good luck, ladies (and hipster gents)! And thanks to my sister for letting me use her home as a staging area for my jeans stretching. She may have laughed at me, but I know everyone does ridiculous things to get their jeans to fit too!

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  1. I love this post!!! 🙂 I seriously do yoga ish poses, too.

    Oh, and where did you get your skinnies? They look great!

    • Terri says

      gap 1969 always skinny in dark wash. for some reason these don’t have the same stretch as the gap 1969 bootcut jeans i own in the same size, so i definitely have to work on these more to get them to be comfortable.

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