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Child’s pose is always available

Balasana – Source

I want to note that this really is how my kid sleeps at night most of the time. His butt’s in the air (and it’s the cutest tush ever in those footed pj’s), and sometimes his face is mashed into the mattress (I do check to make sure he can breathe).

I *know* everyone’s heard this at one point or another in class, whether it’s one that you’ve been to frequently or a new teacher/style. And I want to reassure you that YES, child’s pose is always available to you at any time during the class.

Choosing to take breaks in child’s pose is NOT an admission of failure or weakness. You don’t suck at yoga. You aren’t lacking yoga-ness. There are days when your body needs a break, so feel free to take it!

Use child’s pose…

  • To catch your breath
  • To stretch out a sore back
  • To let your heart rate calm down (I do this when symptoms of my thyroid disease flare up)
  • To give your muscles a break
  • When the heat is getting to you
  • Or just because it feels good.

It’s much worse to keep pushing your body beyond its limits than to stop for a moment and re-collect yourself. You can always jump back in when you’re ready. No one will bat an eye at you. The teacher will not make you feel like a loser (or at least they shouldn’t!). And others who are holding a pose for an extra 15 breaths to show how hardcore they are have ego-related issues to work out on their own.

Be good to yourself!

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