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Found Drishti: Home practice with kid

This is what happens to my home practice space now that I have a child. I had to roll up HIS play mat to make room for my yoga mat. Thanks, kid.

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    • Terri says

      thanks! what kind of yoga is he doing? and what does he think of it so far?

  1. lolol..thats funny. this will await me in a year or so as well. is your child with u while u practice? how does it go?

    • Terri says

      no, now that he’s walking, i have to wait until he’s in bed for the night to practice at home. he’ll just want to climb on me and bring all of his toys for me to play with. i have taken him to mom & baby yoga classes, and it’s been hit or miss. when he was a lot younger (4-6 months pre-crawling), he could watch everyone the whole time quietly and be fascinated. from 7 months on, he has to be in a good mood and well-napped to even have a chance of not being a disturbance.

      i’m going to try taking him to class with me on saturday (regular vinyasa class) and see how he does. my teacher is very family-friendly and often has his wife and 9 month old in class with us. i’ll keep y’all posted on how it went!

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