Giving the gift of yoga

The holidays/gift-giving season (or as I like to call it Decemberween, thanks to is around the corner, and every year, my mother-in-law so kindly asks us what we want. I’m not a fun person to shop for because my consumption habits are usually more practical and functional than decorative. And if I want a toy, we save up and plan for it ourselves rather than wait for others to buy it.

When I was first getting more serious about my yoga practice, I did ask for gift cards to Lululemon, which made buying those pants much more affordable. But I’m all good on yoga clothes now, so there really isn’t any STUFF that I need.

Instead, I’ve asked for gift certificates in the past to my yoga studio so I can afford my class passes throughout the year. It’s really the greatest gift you can give a yogi! And the best part is, you don’t have to find room in an already-cluttered home to store more stuff as you would after spending gift cards at retail stores. Less consumption, more healthy time on the mat. I call that a win! 

Oh, and for any of you who aren’t H*R fans, here’s Homestar Presents: Presents. It never gets old.

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