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I miss ashtanga

2012 Confluence: Photograph by Tom Rosenthal (Source)

It’s been months (MONTHS!) since I’ve done ashtanga. I haven’t been able to get my home practice going like I hoped, but I’m going to need to very very soon. I am all registered for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence in San Diego the last weekend of February. The family is coming with me, and they’ll be enjoying the resort grounds and taking glorious naps while I overload on ashtanga goodness.

Each morning, there will be both led and Mysore style practices. Then, in the afternoon and evening are workshops and lectures. There are pockets of time between sessions, so my body will have a chance to rest and I can actually vacation with the family.

Considering I haven’t done the full primary series in what feels like forever, I’m so out of practice. While I know the sequence when I’m in a class setting, I always get lost when I practice alone. It’s always somewhere around the marichyasanas that I forget what’s next. I’m going to need to brush up on the sequence and condition my body if I’m going to survive the Confluence!

While most people put their get-healthy plans in place to start at the new year, I’m going to need to start mine in December. I overate myself over Thanksgiving, and my pants told me exactly how my lack of physical movement and indulgent diet have affected my health. Stupid skinny jeans trend! Starting December 1, I have exactly 90 days until we arrive in San Diego. The countdown begins…

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