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Pincha mayurasana: I’m getting close!

I feel like everyone has that one “big” posture that they are working to master. For the longest time, it was headstand for me. I rolled over so many times before I finally got the balance and back strength required to be steady in it. Now that I feel solid in headstand, I’ve had my eyes locked on pincha mayurasana.

The hardest part for me to even attempt pinchu is building up back strength. When you have your forearms shoulder-width apart and try to do a prep pose like dolphin (looks like downward dog except on forearms), your elbows tend to want to splay outward as your shoulder collapses. Kino MacGregor often refers to the shoulder girdle and finding strength in that to support the inversion.

My back is a lot stronger by doing dolphin and practicing by walking my feet up the wall. Lately, I’ve been practicing like the picture above to kick into it. I can hold it for maybe 3 seconds before my lower back starts to wobble. But I’m getting close!!!

What big pose are you working on these days?


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  1. that pose seems to be quite a tricky one to me. haven’t tried it yet.
    this year i managed to get into headstand and i just love that pose.
    when our child will be born next year and i will get my strength back i want to learn handstand and master the crow pose which i couldnt hold for long so far.

    by the way i found your blog through googling yoga and pregnancy. its not so easy to find good and informative literature or stuff on the internet. at least not her in germany. so if you have some more stuff to recomment i’d appreaciate it.

    keep us updated on that pose… 😀

    • Terri says

      congratulations on your pregnancy! how far along are you?

      providing helpful information about yoga re: pregnancy is one of the reasons i started this blog. i didn’t feel like i could find many resources about it when i was pregnant last year, especially as a yogi who was doing more than a gentle prenatal practice. thankfully, i have wonderful teachers, and i definitely have more posts i want to write on the topic. i know my other pregnant and new mother friends are also wanting to read more.

      • thanx 🙂 i’m 13 weeks now. right now i’m still in my normal yoga course (but here already adapting) and doing my self-practice. i’m gathering information from all over which isn’t that much. at least not what i am looking for.
        in december i want to start a prenatal course in a vinyasa/ashtanga studio. I’m very much looking forward to it. the one teaching it already had her own baby so i guess this is more than that “gentle prenatal practice” with lots of beginners who just come cos they heard that prenatal yoga is good for them.

        also looking forward to hearing from you more to that topic

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