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Practicing yoga when visiting family

Bring on the stuffing!

The holidays are coming up fast, which means for many of us, we’ll be traveling to our hometowns to spend time with family. Before I had my own kiddo, I used to unroll my yoga mat in my parents’ living room when the niece and nephews were at my sister’s house. There are a couple more little ones added to the crew (including my little runt), so my parents’ house is now a bit of a zoo.

Here’s my plan for this coming holiday season. We’ll be making the drive up to Dallas at least 3 times between now and the end of the year, so I asked some friends for recommendations for THEIR yoga studios. Coincidentally, when I was checking the Groupon deals for Dallas, there happened to be a crazy cheap one for The Mat yoga studio in Richardson that my friend had recommended at $39 for 10 classes. WHOA.

It’s not too far of a drive from my parents’ house, so I feel like I’ll have a decent shot at getting away for an hour or 75 minutes at a time to experience another studio while someone in the family can watch the kid. I can get an uninterrupted practice in and probably a nice retreat from the family chaos.

How do y’all plan on maintaining your yoga practice during the holidays?

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