Fellow yogis

Sweat etiquette

Dear Yogi who sweats just as much as I do,

Please place your yoga mat at least a foot apart from your fellow yogis’ to avoid dripping anywhere else besides your designated space. Maybe leave a little extra room up front for doing poses like Half Moon, where you are “dangling” off the mat. May I also recommend a sweatband to help catch the sweat before it leaves your forehead?

An antiperspirant is a must. Not just deodorant that masks the smell, but an antiperspirant. I don’t know how else to say that kindly.

The day before class, try to avoid any gas-inducing foods and beverages. Yes, carbonated drinks, beans, broccoli, Fiber One bars, cheese and Tex-Mex will cause extra smells to emit from your body in addition to your sweat glands. (Ever had someone fart in the bathroom while you take a shower? Exactly.)

Also, I’d appreciate it if you were more conscious of your limbs whenever there are poses where we’re reaching arms and legs outward toward your neighbors. Nothing is grosser and more awkward than brushing sweaty arm to sweaty arm. I can take a step forward if you will take a step back, and then we can both avoid skin contact.

And finally, when class is done, please take the time to wipe up your puddles. I mean THOROUGHLY wipe up your puddles. Maybe even spray some tea tree oil solution (some studios have these available for communal use) to disinfect the area while you clean your bio mess until it is dry. The class after you will appreciate that.



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  1. Heidi says

    The sweat seriously grosses me out too. I get worried about diseases. The one and only time Jeff went to yoga with me, this really uptight woman, practicing next to Jeff, up and left due to his profuse sweat, awkward poses, etc…

    • Terri says

      other people’s sweat doesn’t bother me until it encroaches on my space. i make puddles in class too, but i always give myself room and always always clean up.

      i don’t know if i’ve ever seen anyone leave class from being next to a heavy sweater. poor jeff!

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