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Thank you, Veterans, for your service to our country

Today, being Veterans’ Day, I wanted to take some time to really say THANK YOU to the brave men and women of our American armed forces for all they do to protect our freedoms and make the United States the greatest country on Earth. And as my photo from a Camp Mabry event reminds me, we owe an even bigger thank you to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I know with the election fresh on everyone’s mind that some people are and will still be angry of the outcome. (Heck, some Texans are threatening to secede, which I think is overdramatic.) Despite our personal opinions of politics, we need to acknowledge  – and never forget – how much of their lives our military puts on the line all around the world for us to be free and have the ability to democratically vote for our leaders. That’s something we take for granted way too often.

When they come home, I think it’s our duty to take care of them as they’ve done for us. I don’t pretend to know what truly atrocious things they’ve had to experience on their missions, but I do know that many of our vets come back hurt at a much deeper level than the flesh.

I was happy to find organizations within the yoga community who step up in taking care of veterans. These are a couple I’ve found who focus on helping vets through yoga.

Veterans Yoga Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education and support for the mindful use of therapeutic yoga practices as an aid in the recovery process from post-traumatic stress and other psychological difficulties.

Yoga for Vets is a non-profit organization that exists to welcome home war veterans and help them cope with stress of combat through yoga instruction. The site maintains a list of studios, gyms and teachers that offer at least four free classes* to current and retired United States military.

Thank you, Veterans, for embracing the suck and protecting our freedoms.

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