What to Wear

To wear yoga pants or not to wear yoga pants?

Once upon a time, sweatpants like these used to be acceptable as Thanksgiving-wear.

Juicy couture sweatpants. Source: yoox.com for $79

Now that yoga pants have fully infiltrated this great nation of ours, the question becomes whether to wear yoga pants for Thanksgiving dinner or not? I’m no fashionista, but I do know that sweatpants have gotten even fancier than your standard gray ones from Academy Sports or even the Juicy ones above. But can stylish sweatpants outdo… yoga JEANS?

Oh, yes. Nordstrom sells these Second Denim Co.’s yoga jeans for $110. They promise the comfort and stretch of yoga pants with the full styling of denim.

What’s everyone wearing to Thanksgiving? Would it look bad if I showed up in my maternity jeans to make room for extra servings of pecan pie? 😛

*This is NOT a sponsored post. However, I wouldn’t mind trying some of these yoga jeans if Second would like to throw me a pair. Seems like they’d require less yoga stretching like what I’ve had to do with my skinny jeans.

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  1. Thanksgiving has always been a fairly casual affair in my family, so I say wear whatever you want. Yoga pants or jeans style leggings should be perfectly OK.

    • Terri says

      i just may. we take a lot of photos during thanksgiving, so i could wear a pretty top and hope only the upper half of my body is photographed. haha!

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