What happens when you take a kid to yoga class

My yoga teacher is very family friendly and welcomes students of all ages to attend his classes. When I first got clearance for exercise at 6 weeks postpartum, I took advantage of the kid’s many nap times to bring him to class, sleeping in the carseat bucket. As he stayed awake longer and became more aware of his surroundings, he would quietly watch in amazement while happily lying on a blanket. When he started rolling and sitting, he still happily played with his toys and kept to the same spot.

It was around the crawling stage that I stopped bringing him to class. Also, class time coincided with nap time, and he no longer napped if he was around other people. Yoga class was too exciting for him. He got cranky when he was tired.

So now that I have a fully walking toddler who usually only naps after lunch at daycare, I thought I’d see how he would do at my usual Saturday morning class. We met my friend Monica bright and early at 9 am, and this is how it went.

The kid is pretty shy around new people for about 15 minutes upon meeting anyone. He clung to me like a monkey. He wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle. He does NOT cuddle with me anymore at home unless he’s sick, nursing or we’re watching a friend’s dog.

As we started moving in the practice, the kid decided to use me as a jungle gym. He climbed on my back in chaturanga. He crawled underneath me in downward dog. He tried pushing me over when we did variations of Warrior 3.

At some point, my teacher was able to distract him with a bunch of yoga blocks. They built a wall with blocks, and my kid had fun pushing them down. He also stood on blocks, so pleased at himself for being so tall. When he got bored with blocks, he came back to push and climb and crawl on me.

By the time savasana came around, I had an 18-pound kid standing ON my abdomen, then repeatedly body slamming into me WWE-style. I love this kid so much. 🙂

I want to say that this isn’t typical behavior for him. He had been up since 5 am, hurting from teething pains and then never went back down to sleep. So I realized I was pushing the nap time threshold a bit. But overall, he was well behaved. He didn’t go push or shove anyone else. He only had a few minor freak outs. And everyone thought he was super cute (or being very kind to me).

I might try to bring him to class in the future when he’s better rested. Hopefully it’s on a day when my teacher’s wife brings their baby, so they can have a playdate and keep each other entertained. That’s my plan at least.

Has anyone else tried bringing your kids to class? How did it go?

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