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#doingtheyoga Round-up: Week 3

Holiday and birthday parties galore really slowed me down this week. I’m hoping to squeeze some time in on the mat while I get a few days off for the holidays. All the chaos of squeezing 3 families under one roof may even REQUIRE some yoga and meditation. Haha.

Dec. 17: quick 30min: 4 A, 4 B, forward folds, pincha (getting close!), crow, side crow, backbends, headstand, meditation, savasana #doingtheyoga

Dec. 19: trying to get rid of a headache leftover from work. legs up wall, reclined cobbler, shoulderstand, plow, seated forward folds. #doingtheyoga

Happy Chrismakwanzaakuh, y’all! (And yes, I realize Hanukkah is over. It’s just fun to smush them all together in one.) Things might be a little quiet while I’m occupied with family stuff, but I’ll be back soon enough!

You can follow my progress on Twitter @findingdrishti using the hashtag #doingtheyoga.

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