Yoga Practice

#doingtheyoga Round-up: Week 4

Home for the Holidays! I went back to The Mat in Richardson, where I had gotten a 10 class pass. I’m always kind of sad when things close down on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because after a couple days cooped up at home with the family, you want to get out and move!

Dec. 22: thanks, @debfu42 for joining me @TheMatYoga this morning! sun salutes, standing balances, core work, hip stretches, sweaty! #doingtheyoga

Dec. 23: 11am gentle flow @TheMatYoga hip openers, tree pose, warriors 1&2, wide leg standing folds, supta baddha konasana #doingtheyoga

Dec. 23: i feel so much better now that i’ve kicked off decemberween weekend with a couple yoga classes. #doingtheyoga now, i can eat!!!

Dec. 27: Creating my own ashtanga ashram in the living room with the help of a heatdish. Warmth! #doingtheyoga

Dec. 27: ashtanga: sun salutations, standing postures, seated, closing. wow, i’m inflexible! #doingtheyoga

You can follow my progress on Twitter @findingdrishti using the hashtag #doingtheyoga.

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