Visual Drishti

Found Drishti: My view from down dog

There’s really only one spot in our living room that has enough floor space to do my home practice, so my drishti point when I’m in downward dog is always the back wall of the kitchen. Yes, we did just get a large shipment of Pampers Cruisers Economy Pack Diapers since I don’t have time to run to the store all the time. The box is, of course, my kid’s favorite toy.

I point this out because my view in down dog for the first 4 years of my practice used to be my dog’s food bowl and water. We had to put our puppy Boo Boo down last December due to cancer. He had a nose tumor that continued to grow and take over his health and well-being despite chemo. As we approach the holidays this year, I’m really missing my dog and what he meant to our family.

What’s funny to me is that when I practiced at home, Boo Boo would come nudge me or attempt to “crawl” over me while I was in downward dog. Now, my kid does that to me when he sees me practicing yoga. I’d bet that those two would’ve been awesome buddies, being mischievous together. We’re far from getting another dog, but I still think of him fondly and how much I loved him. Being in downward dog today reminded me of the drishti point I used to have.

Me with my pup Boo Boo, Dec. 2011. He was 9 years old.


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