Yoga Practice

Happy Boxing Day!

Did everyone survive Christmas? Get some good presents? Stuff your face with delicious homemade dishes and treats galore? I’ve already done some damage shopping online instead of battling the stores, so I need to un-memorize my credit card number for the remainder of Boxing Day!

The good news from my visit with family over the Holidays was that I went to yoga classes two days in a row. There aren’t many studios in the North Dallas area (at least compared to Austin), and I guess with everyone needing to get their yoga in before dealing with family, both classes were PACKED. We were all mat-to-mat with maybe 4-5 inches in between.

I heard one woman ask her friend, “How did everyone find out about our studio?” So I piped in to let them know that I was an out-of-towner who had gotten a recommendation for that place. It seemed there were quite a few other newbies to that studio as people were filling out registration forms and getting instructions for where the props were and how they normally set up at the start of class.

It felt great getting on my mat in a heated room before the day’s festivities began. The wind was biting in Dallas. The rest of my weekend was caring for my sick child, who was sporting a fever and a wicked cough with chest congestion. Poor kid. Being cooped up indoors meant we had ample time to graze on cookies and crackers. I would’ve much preferred taking him out to check out the local parks like we originally planned, but he really needed to stay warm and get plenty of fluids.

As a result of all this indoor time, I gained a lovely 4 pounds in 4 days! 🙂 I did get a gift certificate for a 5 class pass (and a facial!) that I’m excited to use. It’s amazing how much damage I can do to my body in such a short period of time. I’m ready to get active, get on my mat and find a little less chaos.

How was everyone else’s holidays? Did you find time to get on your mat?

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