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Inside The Mat Yoga Studio – Richardson, TX

I’m originally from the Dallas area, so when I go back home to visit my family and friends, I’m always looking for ways to keep up my yoga practice. A good friend of mine (who I’ve known since junior high… Hi, Christina!) recommended The Mat Yoga Studio in west Richardson to me, and there happened to be a great Groupon deal a few weeks back.

Since I had a few hours before another friend’s wedding began, the timing worked out perfectly where I could go to class and be back in time to get ready to serve my bridesmaid duties.

The studio was a little tricky to find, especially when a holiday parade was happening right along that road, so I had to find some back way to get around the closures. It’s along Coit Rd. between Belt Line and Arapaho, which is a really LONG set of shopping strips. And then, the studio is located on the second level, so you have to really look UP to find it.

From their website, I saw that they use the large walkway area on the second floor to do some outdoor events, which should be fun in the spring time when the weather looks less depressing. The studio has one practice space, a small retail wall and a waiting area. Nothing crazy fancy. They do supply towels for wiping up soppy sweaty messes, which I appreciated!

When I entered the space, I had to ask another yogi how they usually set up their mats. There’s a large mirrored wall, which I’m not used to. I wasn’t clear where the instructor would be since there was already a row of mats opposite the non-mirrored wall, while the yogi I asked was setting up in a row along the mirrored wall. Was this ashtanga style where they face the middle of the room? No, she said. They usually have 3 rows that all face the mirror. Hmm… that’s new.

I set up my mat next to hers and what later was the instructor’s mat. While I’m certainly not accustomed to practicing in front of a mirror, it did make the space seem twice as large. My nose was literally two feet away from the mirror, but the illusion of the larger room made me feel less claustrophobic. I also happened to have a pillar behind me with a mirror on it. The two-mirror action let me check out what was happening around the rest of the room when I got lost instead of having to turn around awkwardly.

The class was heated. The teacher did apologize for the heater not working properly, so this was colder than what they normally practice in. I was sweating buckets. Thank goodness for those towels! We had a challenging practice that I was definitely feeling the next morning in my shoulders, back, legs and arms.

It was a great way for me to kick off a more consistent practice starting in December while getting my body warmed up for the wedding festivities that day. We have a few more trips planned up to Dallas, so I’ll definitely be back at The Mat to use up my class pass.

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