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Prayer lanterns, aka sky lanterns

After the fun Shine event at Brazos Hall a few weeks back, I was curious about where to find those prayer lanterns we released (ya know, before the cops came to bust up the party). When my friends Kim and Linda posted some pictures of their annual tradition of releasing balloons this year, I noticed they used the prayer lanterns instead of helium balloons.

Of course, I had to ask them where they found the lanterns. And to no surprise, they found them on Amazon. You can get 1 Case of 36 White Sky Lanterns from Amazon for $28.96!

Read about Kim & Linda’s tradition here: Throw Your Dreams Into Space Like a Kite

Now I want to find an event or occasion to do this with my friends and family. We might need to wait until it’s rainy season though so we don’t accidentally start a fire. Smokey the Bear wouldn’t be very happy about a wildfire.

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