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Shine 12.12.12

Lululemon hosted an amazing free event in Austin on 12.12.12 with yoga, live music and fire! It was on the outdoor deck of Brazos Hall, located right next to Wanderlust Live. Because it was only in the 40s, they had the heating lamps turned on. I definitely should have brought some socks to keep my toes warm before and after the practice!

Gioconda led the 75 minute practice while Oliver Rajamani performed live music with classical Indian instruments. I wish I had gotten a peek at how he was managing to play two instruments at once – one was more percussive and the other was like a cross between a guitar and a sitar.

Wanderlust Live staff were on hand as assistants for some sweet adjustments. We were all mat-to-mat, so it was a pretty tight squeeze to get around the space. We got VERY cozy with our neighbors, huddling to get as many people under the heating lamps as possible. This also meant there was some negotiating happening.

When it came time for inversions, Gioconda made a PSA to everyone to choose an appropriate posture – headstand, shoulderstand or bridge – depending on your skill level with each. Nevertheless, the girl next to me nearly knocked me over as she tumbled out of headstand. Thankfully, I didn’t fall too or we could’ve really caused a domino effect down our row.

After we bundled back up in our fleece (so many people had leg warmers on) for savasana, we were treated to freshly brewed Chai tea, muffins and coconut water. Then, the FIRE began!

On the back side of Brazos Hall is another little deck area, where everyone gathered to get a chance to light and release one of 100 floating prayer lanterns. The lantern release represented the intentions for how you want to Shine in 2013 (hence, the name of the event). It was pretty amazing to watch as the lanterns filled up with hot air and a few would float happily into the cold air.

This was of course before the bike cops busted the party – something about burn ban and fire? By the time they got up to us, nearly all of the lanterns had floated away. They really only flew for maybe 30 seconds. You can hear in the video how someone assured the crowd that these are biodegradable and eco-friendly. 🙂

Thank you, Lululemon, for hosting such a fun event on a Wednesday night! This is definitely the most excitement a mama like me has had in a very long time. (Sorry, husband. We’ll go on a date one of these days when we think to get a babysitter.)

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  1. That looks aweseome! Do you think the 300 people actually showed up? Glad no one fell into you. 🙂

    • Terri says

      i would guess that it was probably 175-200 at the most on that deck. there was still room along the edges and at the very back.

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