Sweets and the Holidays

The last piece of candy at my desk that needs to go away!

I have been bombarded with sweets since about Thanksgiving. The biggest downside of working in an office is all the weekend leftovers that people bring from birthday parties, cookie exchanges and family get-togethers. I guess for the 20-somethings who work here, it’s probably the BEST part of working in an office. But I am not 20-something anymore. My metabolism and many years of working a desk job mean every extra calorie is finding its way onto my butt, thighs, arms and belly.

With Decemberween right around the corner, I know there are more feasts ahead of me. I’m trying my darnedest to get rid of the sweets and get on my mat. I’m on a 3-4 times a week pace lately. I’m not doing a 90 minute practice each time though, so it’s pretty much not canceling out anything I stuff in my mouth. The good news? My back is feeling more flexible. Yay, back bending!

And remember that thyroid thing I told y’all about? Well, now that it’s back to functioning at normal levels, I no longer have super metabolism. Pair that with decreased breastfeeding, and I’m not burning calories left and right. This is the perfect storm to test how stretchy my yoga pants are, isn’t it?

I feel like when I do get on my mat, I need to be hitting every vinyasa, enduring the pains of chair pose, shaking in boat pose and holding every plank variation that ever existed. I think this is called Power Yoga, right? *sigh*

Hopefully, y’all are saying No to sweets better than I am. If you have any tips for how NOT to fall to temptation, I could use them all. Stay strong!

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