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A confession: I hate doing yoga in the winter

I hate doing yoga in the winter.

I hate sitting/standing/lying on a cold mat.

I hate the amount of time and effort it takes before I start to feel warm.

I hate that my muscles feel so stiff when we begin.

I hate changing out of warm comfy clothes to get into my yoga clothes.

I hate when my sweat instantly chills my skin when I step back into the real world.

I hate the gloomy mood winter puts me in.

I hate that winter makes me want to eat every fatty, comforting foods that cross my way. My body wants to hibernate, not stretch and move and do vinyasas.

I hate the feel of hot air blowing out of the vent and drying out my skin.

I hate that I can’t seem to blink enough tears to make my contacts not stick to my eyeballs.

And all of this ranting makes me realize, I really miss warmth and sweat and spring. I’m sure I’ll change my tune (as I usually do) when it’s 108 this summer because, let’s face it, spring doesn’t really exist in Texas. But for now, I hate doing yoga in the winter. It makes me so cranky.

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  1. I love this post! So cute and funny and TRUE. It’s really hard for me to want to do any kind of activity when it’s cold outside. If I could just go running, exercising, or do yoga in the current cloths I’m wearing, I might be okay. Putting those cold clothes on is the WORST! Idea* Maybe I’ll invest in a towel rack warmer and put my clothes on it first LOL.

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