Yoga Practice

#doingtheyoga Round-up: Week 6

Sick with allergies this past week. Trying to get in a rhythm. Also, it’s been really cold in the evenings. I’ve been pulling out the heat dish, but then only part of my body gets really hot while the rest is trying to handle the temperature in the room.

Jan. 5: awesome full-body vinyasa class this morning. best part was my teacher’s kid crawling all over everyone’s mats. #doingtheyoga

Jan. 6: flowy 20 min practice. would’ve been longer if my stomach wasn’t murmuring. shouldn’t have eaten mexican food tonight. #doingtheyoga

Jan. 9: felt sick today. 30 min ashtanga, pigeon, camel, messed with inversions. feeling a little less sick. #doingtheyoga

You can follow my progress on Twitter @findingdrishti using the hashtag #doingtheyoga.

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