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How many pairs of yoga pants does one really need?

This is just the clean pile of pants.

This is just the clean pile of pants.

So this little lady convinced me and a bunch of our online friends to plunk down $78 for a new pair of yoga pants. This definitely isn’t the first time I’ve bought Lululemon, and most likely not the last. But as I look at my yoga wardrobe, I wonder… How many pairs of yoga pants does one person really need?

I have 2 pairs of full-length pants. I have 1 pair that are clam-digger length (just below the knee). I have 5 pairs that are cropped but have flared leg openings. And I have 2 pairs of cropped tights/leggings (now that my new Ebb and Flow ones have arrived).  That is 10 pairs of pants total.

Let’s be fair though. The full-length pants can’t be worn year-round. I would be way too sweaty and uncomfortable in a vinyasa or ashtanga class to want fabric down to my feet. The clam-digger length ones I found on crazy sale, and they serve as loungewear in warm weather. They tend to slide down whenever I do forward folds, so I never take them out into a public class setting. So, that brings me down to 7 on regular rotation.

I wish I could say that I practice 7 days a week, so duh, I need 7 pairs of pricey yoga pants. Sadly, that is so far from the truth. HOWEVER, considering that I’ve collected these 7 pairs over 6 years of doing yoga, they’re holding up pretty well. My oldest pair, which I used at every ashtanga practice before I got tired of laundering just the one, was the starting point of getting higher quality material with better wicking properties. They’re truly an investment!

So tell me, yogis. How many pairs of yoga pants are in your wardrobe? And how many do you think you actually need?

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  1. Lindsay says

    I have just recently extended my yoga pants wardrobe to 6. And I am doing 7 classes a week at least. What I wouldn’t give for 14 pairs of yoga pants, tank tops, sports bras, and underwear. I’m doing laundry every 4 days. It’s killing me.

    • you have an excuse though! you’re training to be a yoga teacher. it’s a work expense, right?

  2. I think I have a total of 7 pairs too. But, that’s just yoga pants. I’m not counting running crops or shorts, or cycling shorts or pants… la la la.

    • Terri says

      i would be broke if i took up other workout interests that required specific technical clothing. hahaha! you work out WAY more than i do, so you NEED it all. 😛

  3. Adrienne says

    I just started doing yoga and only have one pair of pants (full length with flared openings). I need to buy a new pair (or three) and would love your recommendations. What are your favorite brands and styles? My favorite class so far is a hot vinyasa class at my gym, so I’m thinking cropped would be the way to go.

    • Terri says

      hey adrienne! i have mostly lululemon groove crops in my wardrobe, which have a great fit and are still in great condition despite the abuse i put them through. ashtanga isn’t heated but moves about the same pace as a vinyasa class. more recently, i’ve been going with cropped leggings style. they’re a little thinner (which i think helps make them breathe better in a hot class) and don’t flap around when you’re doing inversions. i have a pair of lululemon ebb and flow and a pair of athleta chaturanga tights. i love both of those. the athleta ones are a little thicker, and i’ve heard certain colors of the ebb and flow are a bit sheer.

      if you don’t want to spend a lot, i’ve also liked the cropped yoga pants they have at costco under the kirkland brand. they’re $20 and fit similarly to lululemon’s groove crops.

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