doyogawithmelogoLast week, my husband asked if we could do yoga together instead of hiding behind our Kindles, reading Game of Thrones. Since I still needed to take it kind of easy due to my pulled back muscle and he hasn’t done yoga in… oh… a year, I wanted to give a try. It’s recommended often on Reddit when people ask about good online yoga videos. First of all, one very VERY nice thing about this website is that the videos are free. No account creation. No sign-in. No spam, as far as I can tell.

doyogawithmeWe chose an all-levels Yoga for Athletes program that was about 60 minutes long. It was gentle, and the instructor was very clear with her directions. I didn’t need to look up at the screen often, which is a big problem for me for many yoga videos until I start to “get” how a teacher phrases his or her instructions.

The video is shot in HD, which I appreciated. I was able to hook up my laptop to our flat screen TV through HDMI, which made doing yoga with my husband easier than if we were trying to work off of a computer screen by itself. Another plus is NO commercials. No pre-roll that you have to sit through before the video begins. No interruptions during the program (ahem, Hilaria, with your commercial breaks!).

The site has hundreds of videos, organized by level of difficulty, style, length and teacher. The drop down menu options make it easy to pull up exactly what you’re looking for.


Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of the programming. I’ll definitely be back to try out more of the videos. Maybe I’ll find one of the teachers to be my favorite or maybe it’ll help keep me feeling inspired and motivated to get on my mat and try something new. I can definitely see myself using this site for when I’m traveling and trying to get some yoga in while at the hotel.

The vain yogi in me (who’s already thinking about having to be in a bathing suit this summer) is eyeing Armilicious, Bodacious Bootie and Core Fantastic. They’re categorized under Pilates and Yoga for Strength. There are also some advanced “classes” that look like they will thoroughly kick my butt, and I’m looking forward to it!

Has anyone else used this site? Any favorite programs from it?

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  1. Alice says

    Good to know. I’ve been wanting to try some yoga workouts at home that’s not my 10 year old VHS tape.

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